Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mumbai, Banglore, Delhi Foreclosure property - July 2012

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Property CodeArea DescriptionType of propertyExpected
B 600 (Y)BANGALORE at  Uttarahalli Bobli Land with School Building Measuring East to West 50Ft Plus 35 ft divide by 2 ft and north to south 50 ft . Exp Px -88 LLAND WITH  SCHOOL BUILDING88 L
B 596 (T)BANGALORE at Kumara park West Land Measuring  393.60  Sq mtr  Exp px 2.75 Cr                                             Land Measuring  135.60  Sq mtr  Exp px 74 LacsRESIDENTIAL LAND74 Lacs
B 593 (U1)BANGALORE at Vasanthnagar Falt 1st Floor Measuring 1074 Sq Ft UDS XXX With Two Coverd Carparking Slots In The Basement Floor  Exp Px-72 LFLAT72 L
ND 601 (C)NEW DELHI at Dhanda Paharganj Flat Measuring 33.33 Yds Exp Px 27.50 LFLAT27.50 L
M 601 (C)MUMBAI at Chembur Byuilt Up Area 592 Sft Exp Px 82 LOFFICE SPACE82 L
M 601 (B)MUMBAI at Panvel Land Measuring 450 Sft Exp Px 20 LLAND20 L
M 601 (D)MUMBAI at Andheri (E)- J B Nagar Flat Measuring 378 Sft Exp Px 45 LFLAT45 L
M 601 (F)MUMBAI at Bapat Road Built Up Area 715 Sft Exp Px 1.20 CrCOMMERCIA  LAND AND BUILDING1.20 Cr
B 601 (J)BANGALORE at Yelahanka Land Measuring 1200 Sft With Building 18.50 LacsLAND WITH BUILDING18.50 L
B 601 (T)BANGALORE at Geddalahalli Village Flat Measuring 925.18 Sft UDS 277.58 Sft Expected Price : Rs 33.50 LacsFLAT33.50 L
B 601 (T1)BANGALORE at Gandhi Nagar Land Measuring 8220 Sft With Building Exp Px 34 CrLAND WITH BUILDING34 Cr
ND 601 (K)NEW DELHI Pushp Vihar Built Up Office Space 78350 Sft Ground Floor + 1st Floor With Carparking Space Expected Price : Rs 10.50 CrCOMMERCIAL COMPLEX10.5  Cr
ND 601 (M)NEW DELHI C R Park 1) Built Up Arean 104.30 Sft Exp Px 29 L                                 2) Built Up Arean 104.30 Sft Exp Px 29 LLAND WITH BUILDING29 L
M 601 (S)MUMBAI at Borvoli (E) Flat Measuring 469 Sft Expected Price Rs 76 LFLAT76 L
M 593 (F)MUMBAI at Andheri (E) - Marol Flat Measuring 475 Sq Ft UDS XXX Exp Px 45 LacsFLAT45 L
M 602MUMBAI at Santacruz (E) - Kalina Village NAFLAT28 L


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