Saturday, May 14, 2011

Buy Cheap Provisions in Chennai

This time am with ideas of buying best and cheap provisions for personal home purpose. Did anyone thought why big giants are pondering into FMCG products and start supermarket. Major players like Reliance, More, Food World, Nilgiris and who not... every one are into supermarket. Simple reason, they procure goods centrally from manufacturer and distribute, which makes their purchase cost at down the earth prices and gain more in FMCG goods.
All these supermarkets play well by giving promotional offers, attractive gifts, reward points, membership cards, discounts, but anybody thought how they make profit out of this? simple the MRP mentioned in the goods are the maximum and they sell at this price, which is 5%-20% more than the actual purchase price.

We have many retail shops who sell the same FMCG product, same brand, same weight, but at a different price,   less price than MRP. How can that be possible for them? How do they make profit out of that? Very simple, they do not expect 20% profit instead they look for minimal profit.

As a resident of chennai, I have explored many provision stores in and around chennai and looks like we have to be more careful in spending our hard earned money. Am sure government cannot take any action on this, atleast let us be careful in this.

Below given example is from my own experience an am not urging you to take up my steps. But if you find this article useful, do reply to me with your comments.

Every month I purchase the below items in Jeyachandran Stores (near Tnagar railway station) and this is what I save. The price listed below are as of 14-Apr-2011.

GRB Udhayam Ghee (MRP: 180) - Rs.158, almost 15% less
Udhayam Dhall - 10% less than MRP, Example Rs.80 Udhayam Thoor Dhall is only Rs.72
Pediasure - 15% less
Soap, Paste, Washing Powder, Detergents, Provisions - everything is 10% less than MRP
Oil - 5% less than MRP

Readers please note, this shop is in the most crowded part of TNagar and 80% of the people do not wish to visit and buy from here. Again purchase ONLY branded products from here.

Till now I was promoting Jeyachandran, now more about the wholesale market in Chennai. Parrys or George Town are the places where you get all products in wholesale price, i.e., very very less. but problem is you have to travel a long distance and the money you save is spent for Auto or Bike or any other mode you travel.

So readers, start thinking and start saving... Happy Saving :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Buy Air Conditioner - Chennai

Summer has started and everyone in Chennai are sweating, sweating, sweating in litres :), I myself is not an exception. All over chennai there are offers like "AC Summer Sale", "Beat the heat", "AC Mela" blah blah. I wanted to buy a 1.5 ton AC and started exploring the whole chennai market, where I could get a good deal.
In this market, the retailers have various schemes to attract public. Its our job, to be careful in buying an air conditioner. Am not techy guy to explain the features of air-conditioner. Doesnt matter what model, what capacity you buy, go for the best deal. Things you should notice when it comes to price tag are
1. Air conditioner price
2. Stablizer price - Premier B2B costs Rs.2500
3. Installation Charges - this is not more than Rs.650. All dealers are cheating customers charging about Rs.750-Rs.1000. LG certified installation comes at Rs.650, so if your retailer charges more, do not hesitate to bargain him for this rate. Most of the retailers, manufacturers offer free installation or they include this amount along with air conditioner price
4. Outdoor unit angle cost - this angle is not more than Rs.500 in local market. If any retailer charges more than this amount, tell them you will buy this angle and do not agree for a big amount of Rs.750.
5. Delivery Charges - this is maximum Rs.100 and most of the dealers/retailers offer free delivery if its a big showroom
Last but not least, check for 0% finance option (documentation charges extra). I would suggest to opt for 0% finance rather than paying full cash. A simple calculation, assume your AC costs Rs.25000. If you go for finance, you pay (2500*10Months)+Rs.250(documentation) = Rs.25250 at the end of 10th month, Invest this 25000 in fixed deposit for 10months and to minimum you will get Rs.27000 (2000 extra) at the end of 10th month.
Small comparison between the big showrooms I know in Chennai
Rathna Fan House - I would say, they are the cheapest in chennai for any brand, any model, any capacity
Vasanth & Co, Viveks - Both are almost 5-10% higher than Rathna fan house, but Vivek has good customer service compared to Vasanth & Co
Shahs - They tell the same price as Rathna Fan house (few hunderds extra), but the trick here is they change whooping Rs.800-Rs.1000 for installation charges
e-Zone - I would say, they have the highest price, almost Rs.3000 extra for a Rs.25000 AC compared to Rathna fan house

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