Thursday, December 23, 2010

YourStory.In - Where Entrepreneurs meet

Wow, that's the word I should use, for describing my feelings, when I found the website How could such a website can be thought of, when everyone else thinks of starting some or the way innovation business, Shradha Sharma thought of starting a website, which will be a bank of stories about entrepreneurs and their new ventures.

The difficulties she faced were partly of her own making. She decided not to chase entrepreneurs who have made it big, but only those on the fringes. And then, she wanted to open the web pages for start-ups in social, rural and environment sectors, not just those in the technology sector. And, worst of all, she decided not to charge the fledgling entrepreneurs. started around 2years back is now having 47,000 registered members and three lakh readers. She recieved the Villgro Journalist of the Year 2010 Award and a NASSCOM award recently. Every day, Shradha has at least seven to eight stories that have to be translated, cleaned, rewritten and readied for publication. not only contain stories about entrepreneurs, but also has sections to exchange business ideas, discuss on forums, postings of experts and lot more. She has also partnered with Microsoft BizSpark, CNBC TV18 Young Turks.

Great effort by Shardha Sharma on Am sure all young Entrepreneurs are benefited by this website.

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