Saturday, August 4, 2012

Online Remote Support - 'CrossLoop'

CrossLoop is almost similar to any screen sharing or remote access tool if seen on high level, but its actually not, if you dive deep in to its website. They are pretty much simple in listing their features.

Screen Share Mode: Both users need to install the cross tab software on their machine, host connects to crossloop server and get a access code which is shared to the target user, who then connects to crossloop server using that access code, ofcourse warning is provided to grant permission to the target user. Once connected, host is ready to share screen, share file of any size, provide remote support or give online training. This basic feature is free to everyone and limited one to one access, this seems to be a disadvantage compared to other screen sharing tools.
Another greatest feature they offer is the language support, they almost support 20+ languages, including HINDI. Click CrossLoop Software to download the application to your PC.
Online Support Mode: This is an awesome feature they provide. Any professional can purchase a license for online support and connect to crossloop server. Once connected they get listed in the Expert's page. If anyone across the wold needs a support from these professional, they can goto Expert's Page, search for the correct expert, look for their pricing/hour, their rating, their reviews and hire them to support you in fixing your issues. This feature seems to be one of its kind which I have not seen till now.
They give an unlimited remote connection sessions and the performance is ultimate. The whole remote session is secured completely with 128 bit encryption. After providing the support CrossLoop provides option to send bill to the customer and get the payments credited to the Expert's account, if the customer does not contact you and if the expert themselves have contacted a customer, then CrossLoop charges the Expert with Self-Referred Rate.


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