Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fruit Candy - Small Scale Business Idea

Fruit Candy in India are not very popular, when the big brand players rule the market with their expensive advertisements. Fruit Candies are also called crystallized candies, produced by merging fruits in sugar syrup or honey. When they are submerged fruit absorbs the sweetness and can stay eatable for months, when stored in cold place.

  1. Prepare sugar syrup (Honey can be healthy alternative) in two concentration, thin and thick. 
  2. Use dry fuits like dry jack or dry fig or dates or dry grapes or amla etc, cut them in to medium pieces
  3. Soak them in thin sugar syrup for a week, so the fruit absorbs the sweetness
  4. Cover the sweet soaked fruit with the thick concentration of sugar syrup.
  5. Leave them to dry to give candy look.

This candy is healthy with honey and dry fruits. This is a new area not much explored in India, if properly marketed, this can be advertised with medicinal values, and can open new segment of candy business. Good Luck.


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