Saturday, November 12, 2011

E-Challan Initiative by Chennai Traffic Police

I see many funny posts about singara Chennai, how its traffic system is and about  Chennai City Traffic Police (CCTP). When we make fun of them, we should also appreciate their efforts. It does not reach public completely, because of very less awareness, let it start from literate people.

The e-challan system has proved so successful that the investment cost of Rs.2.83 crore was recovered in just four months. The CCTP's monthly average fine collection until June was around Rs.70 lakh a month. This works out to Rs.2.8 crore for four months. But, in the four months since the launch of the system, the fine collected has been over Rs.5.8 crore.

The money raised through fine goes back to the road-user. We use the money to instal traffic signals, temporary barricades, and road markings. CCTP have started a facebook page, CCTP Facebook Page where they post regular updates of traffic diversion, they also take complaints, post details of income/expenditure and many more.

The system helps trace past violations and previous offenders with ease. Since the software is pre-programmed with specific fine amounts for each offence, there is little chance of corruption as long as offenders insist on an e-challan. Everything is incorporated in the bill itself. If it's a 'no parking' offence, earlier some officials could get around Rs.200, but now they can't do that because it's all incorporated in the machine. If it is no parking, the fine is Rs 100.

In case of any complaints with regard to the misuse of the devices by field officials, public can call 28521323 or sms to 9003130103. They are also planning for spot credit card payment of fine.

Writing in the visitor's book at the Anna Salai police station, Jayalalithaa wrote: "This technology driven initiative of the Chennai city police will go a long way towards better enforcement of traffic rules. The utility of these systems depends on the persons who handle them. The police, as law enforcement agents, should always strive to fulfill the aspirations of the people by serving them effectively."


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