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Mumbai, Banglore, Delhi Foreclosure property - July 2012

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Property CodeArea DescriptionType of propertyExpected
B 600 (Y)BANGALORE at  Uttarahalli Bobli Land with School Building Measuring East to West 50Ft Plus 35 ft divide by 2 ft and north to south 50 ft . Exp Px -88 LLAND WITH  SCHOOL BUILDING88 L
B 596 (T)BANGALORE at Kumara park West Land Measuring  393.60  Sq mtr  Exp px 2.75 Cr                                             Land Measuring  135.60  Sq mtr  Exp px 74 LacsRESIDENTIAL LAND74 Lacs
B 593 (U1)BANGALORE at Vasanthnagar Falt 1st Floor Measuring 1074 Sq Ft UDS XXX With Two Coverd Carparking Slots In The Basement Floor  Exp Px-72 LFLAT72 L
ND 601 (C)NEW DELHI at Dhanda Paharganj Flat Measuring 33.33 Yds Exp Px 27.50 LFLAT27.50 L
M 601 (C)MUMBAI at Chembur Byuilt Up Area 592 Sft Exp Px 82 LOFFICE SPACE82 L
M 601 (B)MUMBAI at Panvel Land Measuring 450 Sft Exp Px 20 LLAND20 L
M 601 (D)MUMBAI at Andheri (E)- J B Nagar Flat Measuring 378 Sft Exp Px 45 LFLAT45 L
M 601 (F)MUMBAI at Bapat Road Built Up Area 715 Sft Exp Px 1.20 CrCOMMERCIA  LAND AND BUILDING1.20 Cr
B 601 (J)BANGALORE at Yelahanka Land Measuring 1200 Sft With Building 18.50 LacsLAND WITH BUILDING18.50 L
B 601 (T)BANGALORE at Geddalahalli Village Flat Measuring 925.18 Sft UDS 277.58 Sft Expected Price : Rs 33.50 LacsFLAT33.50 L
B 601 (T1)BANGALORE at Gandhi Nagar Land Measuring 8220 Sft With Building Exp Px 34 CrLAND WITH BUILDING34 Cr
ND 601 (K)NEW DELHI Pushp Vihar Built Up Office Space 78350 Sft Ground Floor + 1st Floor With Carparking Space Expected Price : Rs 10.50 CrCOMMERCIAL COMPLEX10.5  Cr
ND 601 (M)NEW DELHI C R Park 1) Built Up Arean 104.30 Sft Exp Px 29 L                                 2) Built Up Arean 104.30 Sft Exp Px 29 LLAND WITH BUILDING29 L
M 601 (S)MUMBAI at Borvoli (E) Flat Measuring 469 Sft Expected Price Rs 76 LFLAT76 L
M 593 (F)MUMBAI at Andheri (E) - Marol Flat Measuring 475 Sq Ft UDS XXX Exp Px 45 LacsFLAT45 L
M 602MUMBAI at Santacruz (E) - Kalina Village NAFLAT28 L

Chennai Foreclosure Property List - July 2012

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Prop CodeArea DescriptionType of propExp
596 W (2)MADHAVARAM at Vinayagapuram  Flat 700 Sft UDS 330 Sft VACANTFlat17.50 L
593 FMUDICHUR at Maruthi Ngr Flat 1st Flr 999.35 Sft UDS 671.5 SftLand37.50 L
590 D (1)MADHAVARAM at Ponniammanmedu Flat 780 Sft UDS 482 Sft 2BHK - CPFlat24 L
595 H (2)ADYAR at Sardar Patel Rd Flat 9th Flr 2700 Sft UDS 992sft 4 BHK - CPFlat2.60 Cr
600 XTHIRUNINDRAVUR at Saraswathi Ngr Land 1183 Sft - Bldg 440 SftL & B10 L
588 T (3)NESAPAKKAM at Yerikkarai St Flat 2nd Flr 600 Sft UDS 256 SftFlat19 L
601 ASALIGRAMAM at Gandhi Ngr Flat 2nd Flr 1000 Sft UDS 405 Sft- CPFlat29 L
TN 2000 HB 17SITHALAPAKKAM Total 29 Vacant Land(5288 sft 3757 sft 20340 sft 7492 sft etc ) VACANTLand1.40 Cr
TN 2000 HB 18SHOLIGANALLUR Total 7 Land (969 sft 16930 sft 133144 sft )  VACANTLand5.50 Cr
600 X (1A)UDUMALPET at Metrathi land 2.235 Acres BldgL & B60 L
600 X (1C)PALLADAM Land 9.73 Acres-BldgL & B2.25 Cr
600 X (1D)PALLADAM at Chittambalam Land 1.72 Acres BldgL & B1.10 Cr
600 X (1E)ERODE at Madachoor Land 4.49 Acres- BldgL & B4.30 Cr
600 X (1F)TIRUNEIVELI at Irrukanthurai land 22.69 Acres-BldgL & B65L
601AMBATTUR at NOOMBAL Land 1200 SftLand44 L
588 D (3)MADAMBAKKAM at Padmavathy Ngr Flat 1st Flr 885 Sft UDS 375 SftFlat20 L
TN 2000 HB 19VELACHERY 1) Land 20538 Sft-Bldg Exp 12.50 Cr   (2) Land 625 Sft Exp 40 LVACANTLand12.50 Cr
TN 2000 HB 30BAGALUR (Total 12 Houses)  Land 1744 Sft - Bldg 577 Sft VACANTL & B6.50 L
TN 2000 HB 30 (1)BAGALUR (Total 2 Land) LIG type Land 601 to 743 Sft VACANTLand2 L
TN 2000 HB 30 (C)AVVAI Ngr LIG type House Land 378 Sft - Bldg 215 Sft VACANTL & B4.50 L
TN 2000 HB 30 (D)KAVERIPATTINAM (Total 15 Land) Land 1211 to 1361 Sft VACANTLand7 L
TN 2000 HB 30 (E)KRISHNAGIRI (Total 7 Land) HIG type Land 1614 to 2672 Sft VACANTLand18 L
TN 2000 HB 30 (F)HOSUR Land 3366 Sft - Bldg 983 Sft  VACANTL & B56 L
TN 2000 HB 30 (F1)HOSUR (Total 19 Land)Land 840 to 3985 Sft  Land12 L
599 P (1)MADHURAVOYAL Land 7 1/2 CentsL & B1.25 Cr
599 EPONNERI at Attanthangal Land 2220 SftLand7.50 L
TN 2000 HB 11THIRUVANMIYU 1) Flat 920.43 Sft UDS 803.21Sft 2) Land 3505 SftFlat82 L
596SHOLINGANALLUR Land 4.37 AcresLand 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Online Remote Support - 'CrossLoop'

CrossLoop is almost similar to any screen sharing or remote access tool if seen on high level, but its actually not, if you dive deep in to its website. They are pretty much simple in listing their features.

Screen Share Mode: Both users need to install the cross tab software on their machine, host connects to crossloop server and get a access code which is shared to the target user, who then connects to crossloop server using that access code, ofcourse warning is provided to grant permission to the target user. Once connected, host is ready to share screen, share file of any size, provide remote support or give online training. This basic feature is free to everyone and limited one to one access, this seems to be a disadvantage compared to other screen sharing tools.
Another greatest feature they offer is the language support, they almost support 20+ languages, including HINDI. Click CrossLoop Software to download the application to your PC.
Online Support Mode: This is an awesome feature they provide. Any professional can purchase a license for online support and connect to crossloop server. Once connected they get listed in the Expert's page. If anyone across the wold needs a support from these professional, they can goto Expert's Page, search for the correct expert, look for their pricing/hour, their rating, their reviews and hire them to support you in fixing your issues. This feature seems to be one of its kind which I have not seen till now.
They give an unlimited remote connection sessions and the performance is ultimate. The whole remote session is secured completely with 128 bit encryption. After providing the support CrossLoop provides option to send bill to the customer and get the payments credited to the Expert's account, if the customer does not contact you and if the expert themselves have contacted a customer, then CrossLoop charges the Expert with Self-Referred Rate.

Free Remote Support Tool - 'TeamViewer'

TeamViewer tops the market as online remote control tool to access any remote PC. TeamViewer connects to any PC around the wold in seconds and take control for online support. They have 100 million registered users so far and still growing. This needs an installation on your machine unlike or who provide online screen sharing. The features list of TeamViewer goes big with some of them for you to know
  • Free for individuals, but licensed once for commercial and its only one end, it can be shared to unlimited clients, license fee is minimal and great ROI within a year for customer care kind of corporates
  • Very high security maintained for the sharing performed using 1024-bit RSA key exchange and 256-bit AES session encoding
  • You don't need to worry about firewalls, blocked ports or NAT routing –TeamViewer finds a connection to the remote computer every time.
  • Meetings, online training can be conducted up to 25 participants and avoid travel, rent for conference rooms
  • Also provides a browser based presentation, so that participants do not need to install the software, they just need a browser and internet connection.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Free Online Remote Access - 'showmypc'

Today am discuss about features of another free screen sharing tool, This is another great tool similar to and As soon you open homepage, they have a crisp feature list.

Remote Access: A service has to be installed in the PC which needs to be controlled and activated. That's it, you can now take control of this machine anywhere. The target machine used to control needs an application which lists all the remote PC you have registered for, beside every remote machine you have "Connect to PC" to connect to the machine.

Private meetings: Customers can provide remote support, remotely access PCs, conduct meetings and demonstrations online. This is more for corporate who provide customer support and have some dedicated server.

Premium meetings: This is same as private meetings without the need of dedicated server, but only protected with a password.

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