Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Smart Phones under Rs.10000

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Currently priced at Rs 7,000, the Samsung Galaxy Y has Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS with 830 MHz ARMv6 processor, 290 MB RAM and a 2MP camera. Galaxy Y comes with a 3 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen, Samsung's TouchWiz user interface and multi touch function. It has 180 MB internal memory which can be expanded by up to 32 GB. Other features include WiFi b/g/n with hotspot, Bluetooth v3.0 A2DP, a 1200 mAh battery, 3G and A-GPS.

LG Optimus Net P690

Currently priced as low as Rs 9,999 now. The Optimus Net comes with a 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen with accelerometer and proximity sensor for better gaming. It has an Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system powered by an 800 MHz Qualcomm processor. This is only the second handset to feature Android 2.3 with above 800 MHz processor. Its other features include a 3.15 megapixel camera, 32 GB expandable memory, WiFi b/g/n, WiFi Hotspot, DLNA capability, Li-ion 1500 mAh battery, A-GPS support etc.

Nokia E5 

There are many more Nokia handsets within the Rs 5,000-Rs 10,000 price bracket, such as Nokia C series X series phones, this E series is priced at Rs 9,000, Nokia E5 runs Symbian S 60 operating system on an ARM 11 600 MHz processor. Nokia E5 has the best in the industry 5 megapixel camera with flash, 32 GB expandable memory slot, 2.36 inch display, 1200 mAh battery, A-GPS, Nokia Maps, Bluetooth, WiFi b/g etc.

Micromax A70

Very reasonable price of Rs 7,600, Micromax A70 3G comes with Android 2.2 Froyo operating system and a 600 MHz ARMv6 Qualcomm processor. Its 3.2 touchscreen is a capacitive one that supports multi touch input. A70 is the only handset in this list to feature dual cameras — a 5 megapixel camera at the back and a front facing VGA one. Other noted features of Micromax A70 include a 1450 mAh battery, 32 GB expandable memory option, WiFi b/g with hotspot feature and Bluetooth.

Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman

It is priced at Rs 6,250, and is the cheapest phone in the list. As the name signifies, its key feature is its Walkman. Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman comes with a Zappin key to search music. When pressed, the Zappin key opens a preview of the next track and lets you decide whether it is a favourite you want to listen to or not. A Karaoke function also enables the vocal track from any song to be lowered instantly so you can sing along. Though it's the only phone in this list to run on a Java operating system, it has a decent specification list with 3 inch scratch resistance display, 256 MB internal memory expandable memory up to 32 GB, WiFi, Bluetooth, 1000 mAh battery and 3.15 megapixel back camera.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

தமிழ் வளர்ப்போம் - பேஸ்புக்கில் தமிழில் பெயர் மாற்றும் வழி

1. Goto Google Tamil Translate -> Type your name in English and press SPACE

2. It converts your name into tamil

3. Facebook -> Home -> Account Settings

4. Name: Edit

5. Copy and Paste your name from Google Translate website into the name settings text box, do not forget to enter password and click save changes.

E-Challan Initiative by Chennai Traffic Police

I see many funny posts about singara Chennai, how its traffic system is and about  Chennai City Traffic Police (CCTP). When we make fun of them, we should also appreciate their efforts. It does not reach public completely, because of very less awareness, let it start from literate people.

The e-challan system has proved so successful that the investment cost of Rs.2.83 crore was recovered in just four months. The CCTP's monthly average fine collection until June was around Rs.70 lakh a month. This works out to Rs.2.8 crore for four months. But, in the four months since the launch of the system, the fine collected has been over Rs.5.8 crore.

The money raised through fine goes back to the road-user. We use the money to instal traffic signals, temporary barricades, and road markings. CCTP have started a facebook page, CCTP Facebook Page where they post regular updates of traffic diversion, they also take complaints, post details of income/expenditure and many more.

The system helps trace past violations and previous offenders with ease. Since the software is pre-programmed with specific fine amounts for each offence, there is little chance of corruption as long as offenders insist on an e-challan. Everything is incorporated in the bill itself. If it's a 'no parking' offence, earlier some officials could get around Rs.200, but now they can't do that because it's all incorporated in the machine. If it is no parking, the fine is Rs 100.

In case of any complaints with regard to the misuse of the devices by field officials, public can call 28521323 or sms to 9003130103. They are also planning for spot credit card payment of fine.

Writing in the visitor's book at the Anna Salai police station, Jayalalithaa wrote: "This technology driven initiative of the Chennai city police will go a long way towards better enforcement of traffic rules. The utility of these systems depends on the persons who handle them. The police, as law enforcement agents, should always strive to fulfill the aspirations of the people by serving them effectively."

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Google announces Photography Contest

Wow friends, great chance to share your views with the world. Google announces Photography contest, with no entrance fee, wonderful news ah... a photography portfolio of 8 photos can be submitted. they have limited only one entry per person, subsequent entries will be rejected.

Eligibility Rules - More Details
  • 18 years or older on the submission date 
  • Should be enrolled for undergraduate or graduate in a reputed university
  • Not a resident of Brazil, Quebec, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, Libya, Liberia, Zimbabwe, or Myanmar (Burma)
Contest Period - November 10, 2011 - January 31, 2012

Categories - More Details
Me, Food, Travel, Fashion, Sound/Silence, Action, Street, Sport, Night, Point of View

Prize Details - More Details
  • 100 entries selected as Semi-finalists will get Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone
  • 10 individuals selected as Finalists will receive an invitation to exhibit his or her Photographs at Saatchi Gallery, London for 7 weeks. Prize includes round-trip airfare for each Finalist and 1 guest to London, UK with 3 nights hotel accomodation and meal cost of US$200 per day per person
  • Grand Prize will receive a 7-day trip for a photo shoot with a professional photographer at a place to be mutually agreed with Sponsor and the Grand Prize Winner. 
Now what are you waiting for, Enter the Contest and Submit your photos to win.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Microstock - Earn Money from photos

Taking Digital photos has almost become a habit for everyone nowdays. All of us have a digital camera or mobile camera. Technology has changed so much, that people started buying mobiles having camera as one criteria. Nokia N8 is giving 12MP camera along with its mobile, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone providing 8MP camera.

Early days taking photos included a cost for buying film roll, but now photos does not cost even a penny, so everyone of us take photos whenever we want and at some point, when you turn back, its piled up with loads of personal photos, we do click some unusual events, and lot more, but did anyone of us thought What to do with these photos? Will they make something sensible for us? Can it be sold and made money?

You can either sell your photos, monetize your photos with advertising or submit your photos to sites that will share advertising revenue with you. Here comes the list of options to make money from our photos Stock Photography is a concept where we upload our photos. Instead of hiring a professional photographer, a buyer licenses an image and the user uploaded is paid a commission.
shutterstock dreamstime
fotolia istockphoto
123rf bigstockphoto
yaymicro veer
canstockphoto PantherMedia

shutterstock - It's free to contribute and you'll earn $0.25 to $28.00 per image download
dreamstime - Download images for as low as Rs. 10.98/image, commission to contributor
fotolia - Download images for as low as $0.75/image or $0.16/subscription, commission to contributor
iStockphoto - Free images to download
123RF - Download images for as low as $0.21/image, commission to contributor
BIGSTOCK - Download images for as low as $0.99/image, commission to contributor
YAY - Print images for as low as $1.40/image, commission to contributor
Veer - Free images to download
CANSTOCKPHOTO - Download images for as low as $0.40/image, commission to contributor
panthermedia - Download images for as low as € 1/image, commission to contributor

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Coffee or Tea ? Switch to Healthy Alternative

70% of human beings wake up with a cup of coffee or tea, but did we think whether it is healthy? The caffine content, the aroma addicts us to have it more, simply like a alcohol. We should be thinking and switch to a alternative drink every day to be fit and healthy, because health is one thing which we cannot buy in this world, one good example is Steve Jobs, who is capable of buying anything and everything, but not his health. Some of herbal drink which we can make a habit daily and their vitamin values are

Hibiscus Rosa-senensis(sembaruthi): Three hibiscus petals boiled and filtered like coffee, add some lemon juice with honey and drink it like Tea. If taken regularly for 40days, reduces heart attack and increases heart strength, reduces stress.

Cassia auriculata (avaram poo) is proven to control and reduce blood sugar levels. It rejuvenates the body  and reduce blood sugar levels drastically. Avarampoo can be cool dried, powdered and used as a tea which helps to rejuvenate and cure diabetes.

Boil few tender Mango leaves in water and washing mouth with this water, reduces tooth ache. Taking half teaspoon of ground powder of Mango leaves dried in shade with water 2 or 3 times a day stops dysentery. 

Water boiled with basil leaves (Thulasi) can be taken as drink in case of sore throat. This water can also be used as a gargle. It reduces blood cholestrol. Basil (Thulasi) has strengthening effect on the kidney. In case of renal stone the juice of basil leaves and honey, if taken regularly for 6 months it removes kidney stone via urine.

For menstruation delay, take ½ teaspoon finely ground cinnamon (dalchini) every night along with 1 cup milk. Powder 1 teaspoon dried mint (pudina) leaves and take with 1 teaspoon honey, thrice daily. Kills intestine germs, clean blood, cleans blood vessels, good for gastric problems

Guava is a rich source of vitamin C, guava's vitamin C content is 5x more than that of an orange, carotenoids, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and iron. If you have chicken pox, drinking 4 cups of guava tea will make the chicken pox heal faster and the skin will have less scarring.

Stay healthy.......

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Start Sugarcane business - Business Idea

Initially it might sound very small, but clear and well planned Sugarcane business is a major profit earning business in India. Let us first look into the requirements for this business


  • Small Level - 3 x 3 sqft space, it can be either a table also
  • Medium Level - 5 x 5 sqft space
  • Max Level - 10 x 10 sqft space
Manual: Fully manual requires man drilled gear based grinding machine. This requires hard effort to rotate the wheel on its side to extract the juice. Operating cost is very less, no electricity, no fuel, requires very less maintenance of lubrication at times. Machine looks as in the left side.

Automatic: This is advance version of manual, this is operated by either electric motor or diesel engine to rotate the gear wheel, which reduces the hard effort of rotating, Using Diesel engine is the most popularly used in all the places, because of its low initial investment on engine.
Recent years this engine has advanced its level in hygiene and healthier aspects, people are concentrating more on flavors, cleanliness, but as this goes high, the initial investment also goes up. An automatic gear operated machine costs Rs.60,000, another version of the machine, is with instant chiller, has a pipe with 10C, so when juice pass through that pipe, gets chilled immediately, which cost Rs.1,20,000.

This seems to be a huge investment, but when properly planned and worked out can be recovered in 3 months time.

Sample Estimation of Sugarcane Juice:

1.Cost of sugarcane Rs.4/- per Kg.  One Kg will give 600ml of Juice.
2.Labour cost will be Rs.150/- per day for cleaning the sugar cane and running the crusher.
3.Disposable cup Varies from 60 Paise to 90 Paise. – Good quality at bulk rate will be 0.65 pasie
4.Lime and Ginger 25 Paisa.
5.Power charges will be two unit per 200 glass of juice (200 X 250ml glass = 50 Litters of juice)
6.Interest on cost of crusher – 18% interest on Investment – Hence per day Rs.23/- only.
7.Rent for the place. Rs 2000/- per month approximate – Hence per day Rs.80/- approximate.
8.Maintenance cost is Rs.200/- per month approximate. (320 Gear oil 0.5 Litter and 100 grams of grease)
9.Depreciation: At 20% per annum – Hence per day Rs.27/- only

Fixed Expenses: PER DAY
Interest –          Rs.23/-
Rent             -   Rs.80/-
Depreciation:     Rs.27/-
Power Charges – Rs20/-
Wages              Rs.150/-
Others.              Rs. 15/-
Total              Rs.315/- per day for sale of 100 Glass Juice = Per glass Rs. 3.00 approximate.
Cost of Sugarcane                                         Rs. 1.80
Disposable cup                                              Rs. 0.65
Lemon/Zinger/(Pepper/Masala powder etc     Rs. 0.25
Rent/Labor etc                                              Rs. 3.15
              Total Cost of Juice per Glass           Rs.5.85
Average Selling Price of Sugarcane juice of 250ml glass each will be Rs.10.00 approximate per glass to any level depending on the area and nature of service and ambience provided.

Real Life Entrepreneur

Now coming to the main section of the article, a real life entrepreneur, Cane-o-la, a banglore based sugarcane juice organisation, which focuses on selling varied flavors of sugarcane juice in a hygiene way, they have grown to en extent, which you will know when you understand their company turnover is 4 Crores, sounds surprising isn't it, but truth. Go through their website http://cane-o-la.com/, to learn more about them.

Contact me at bsathish78@gmail.com for further help and guidance, I have few research papers on starting this business, including business partners, loan arrangement etc.

You may also be interested in Fountain Soda Business

Monday, October 17, 2011

Free 3D Building Plans

Hello Builders, Engineers, Architects, Contractors, Individuals... everyone has their dream of building own house. In this technological world most of the things come for free, and with internet, people provide free services for passion across the globe. My passion is to build a marvelous house, hope that comes very soon for me :) until then to keep my passion up, am providing 3D perspective view of your blue prints. Most interesting is I do not charge for drawing 3D perspective view, its absolutely free and completely for my passion.

Please leave a comment or send email to bsathish78@gmail.com and avail free service. I live in Chennai, Tamilnadu, so I can provide in office service also, again absolutely free :) I can give training for your staffs either online or in person for your future projects, which is also free :) Sample 3D perspective blue print plans

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Begin Dipped and Molded Candle Making Business

The candle making business demand is still very much valuable in several places around the globe. Candle making is an ancient technique with significant uses, which still makes it a promising business venture.

I. Materials:
Paraffin wax granules (P75.00/kg.)
Polyethylene wax* (P180.00/kg.)
Crystal wax (P192.00/kg.)
Gel wax (P270.00/kg.)
Dyes (P60.00/pk.)
Separator (petroleum jelly, cooking oil, liquid soap, etc.) Nylon wick (P36.00/pk.)
Bamboo sticks (P30.00/bundle)
Scent (P85.00 to P360.00/bottle)

II. General Procedure
1. Prepare the waxes. For every Kg of paraffin wax, add 100 grams of polyethylene wax and 30 to 50 grams of crystal wax. If the paraffin wax is in a slab form, break it first into small pieces.
2. Heat the wax in a container other than the dipping tube. The safest way is to use a double boiler. If without a double boiler, heat the wax slowly in a pouring pot or saucepan.
3. Wax is completely melted if the liquid is clear and the bottom of the container is seen. DO NOT BURN WAX (indicated by smoky fumes and brown coloration).
4. Remove from heat source and transfer contents into another container either in dipping tube or metal cup with spout. Add dye and scent (optional). The wax is now ready for dipping and/or molding.

A. DIPPED CANDLES (Oldest and simplest way of making candles)
1. Cut wick(s) into several inches longer than the desired candle length.
2. If you wish to dip several candles at the same time, tie the wicks 2 to 3 inches apart on a rod or a hoop.
3. Dip the wick into the melted wax. Withdraw the wick and pull on the other end to make it taut. Dip the wick again after the first layer of wax hardens. 4. Continue dipping the candles until it reaches the desired thickness. Allow each layer of wax to cool and harden after every dipping.
5. To make the bottoms of the dipped candles flat and smooth, heat a metal spatula over a gas flame or electric burner. Rub the candle bottoms against hot metal surface, melting away until the bottoms are flat.

B. MOLDED CANDLES (Molders can be purchased, made or found).
1. Prepare mold to release candle by applying the inside of the molder with a thin layer of separator.
2. Prepare the wick. The size of the wick depends on the size of the candle. The wick is usually placed in the mold before the wax is poured. However, certain candles require that the wick be inserted after the candle is made. This is done by piercing a wick hole in the candle with a hot ice pick.
3. Hold mold in a slanting position. Pour hot wax from pot to metal cup with spout, then, from cup slowly into the mold.
4. Cool mold by placing it in a pail with cold water. Hold down with a heavy object.
5. After cooling, notice that portion about the wick recedes. Puncture and pour wax into the cavity until filled.
6. Cool the mold again. After the wax has set, remove mold from water. Pull wick gently to release the candle. Trim excess wick.

1. Always have a fire extinguisher within reach.
2. Never use water to extinguish a wax fire. Liquid wax behaves much the same way as oil, and therefore needs to be treated like an oil fire.
4. Constantly monitor the temperature of the wax. If wax reaches the flash point, then the vapors produced are extremely flammable. The flash point of wax is typically above 300° F. Never let wax exceed 250° F.
5. Always use a double boiler. A double boiler helps distribute heat and prevents dangerous temperatures. Never melt wax directly on your stove.
6. Use an electric heat source if possible. If, by accident, the wax reaches the flash point, vapors may find a flame and become ignited on an electric heat source. Any open flame such as that found on a gas stove, will ignite wax vapors.
7. Always use a thermometer to monitor the wax temperatures. Put it on your list of things to get before you start making candles.

III. Business Registration Requirements

B-22, Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai-600032
Tel: 22501451 Fax: 22500860
Email: tfsc@tanstiafnf.com

Friday, July 1, 2011

Flat/Apartment Resale - Second hand

People call it in different ways, second-hand flat, flat resale, apartment resale etc etc How does one go about scrutinising the title deed records while acquiring a second-hand flat? Here is a checklist which should be verified before proceeding with buying a resale flat or apartment.

You can get a list of second hand flats or aparment in http://classifieds.sulekha.com/search/chennai/second-hand-flat.htm

1. The flow of title as I have described in these columns.

2. If the flow of title is in order, then, you need to check if your present vendor has the following: a. Registered Sale Deed in respect of undivided share in the land b. Construction Agreement (or sometimes called Builders Agreement) under which the flat is constructed.
3. If the flat is assessed to property tax and if property tax is paid up to date.
4. For a completion certificate from CMDA.
5. For a CMDA-approved plan. Check for deviations.
6. If there are deviations, see what has been done. In most cases, you will be given a copy of an application for regularisation together with a receipt to show payment of fees to the CMDA. This will not do. There have been several regularisation schemes promoted by the Government. Barring the first, all the others have been stayed by the High Court, and the CMDA is currently restrained from processing any regularisation applications. There is no certainty whatsoever that the courts will hold these subsequent regularisation schemes to be valid. If they are held to be invalid, your dream flat could quickly be turned into a pile of rubble.
7. The nature of the deviation. If the deviation is total, or if your proposed flat is on an unauthorised floor, then, I can only recommend that you drop the idea. Of course, if you are the type of person who doesn't mind risky transactions, it is your choice and you are free to do so.
8. Scrutinise the originals of all documents. They will normally be with the Flat Owners' Association. Check the Bye Laws of the Association and see if your vendor has any dues to the Association. 9. If the flat has proper electricity, water and sewerage connections. Check to ensure that all these utilities are paid up to date.
10. Check to ensure that the flat has rainwater harvesting mechanisms in place.
11. Ensure that the flat promoter retains no residual interest over common areas, terrace, and so on.
You will have noted that the most serious concern spelt out above is with regard to deviations and regularisation.
If you have very serious doubts or desire any clarifications, you can always approach the officials at CMDA.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Buy Cheap Provisions in Chennai

This time am with ideas of buying best and cheap provisions for personal home purpose. Did anyone thought why big giants are pondering into FMCG products and start supermarket. Major players like Reliance, More, Food World, Nilgiris and who not... every one are into supermarket. Simple reason, they procure goods centrally from manufacturer and distribute, which makes their purchase cost at down the earth prices and gain more in FMCG goods.
All these supermarkets play well by giving promotional offers, attractive gifts, reward points, membership cards, discounts, but anybody thought how they make profit out of this? simple the MRP mentioned in the goods are the maximum and they sell at this price, which is 5%-20% more than the actual purchase price.

We have many retail shops who sell the same FMCG product, same brand, same weight, but at a different price,   less price than MRP. How can that be possible for them? How do they make profit out of that? Very simple, they do not expect 20% profit instead they look for minimal profit.

As a resident of chennai, I have explored many provision stores in and around chennai and looks like we have to be more careful in spending our hard earned money. Am sure government cannot take any action on this, atleast let us be careful in this.

Below given example is from my own experience an am not urging you to take up my steps. But if you find this article useful, do reply to me with your comments.

Every month I purchase the below items in Jeyachandran Stores (near Tnagar railway station) and this is what I save. The price listed below are as of 14-Apr-2011.

GRB Udhayam Ghee (MRP: 180) - Rs.158, almost 15% less
Udhayam Dhall - 10% less than MRP, Example Rs.80 Udhayam Thoor Dhall is only Rs.72
Pediasure - 15% less
Soap, Paste, Washing Powder, Detergents, Provisions - everything is 10% less than MRP
Oil - 5% less than MRP

Readers please note, this shop is in the most crowded part of TNagar and 80% of the people do not wish to visit and buy from here. Again purchase ONLY branded products from here.

Till now I was promoting Jeyachandran, now more about the wholesale market in Chennai. Parrys or George Town are the places where you get all products in wholesale price, i.e., very very less. but problem is you have to travel a long distance and the money you save is spent for Auto or Bike or any other mode you travel.

So readers, start thinking and start saving... Happy Saving :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Buy Air Conditioner - Chennai

Summer has started and everyone in Chennai are sweating, sweating, sweating in litres :), I myself is not an exception. All over chennai there are offers like "AC Summer Sale", "Beat the heat", "AC Mela" blah blah. I wanted to buy a 1.5 ton AC and started exploring the whole chennai market, where I could get a good deal.
In this market, the retailers have various schemes to attract public. Its our job, to be careful in buying an air conditioner. Am not techy guy to explain the features of air-conditioner. Doesnt matter what model, what capacity you buy, go for the best deal. Things you should notice when it comes to price tag are
1. Air conditioner price
2. Stablizer price - Premier B2B costs Rs.2500
3. Installation Charges - this is not more than Rs.650. All dealers are cheating customers charging about Rs.750-Rs.1000. LG certified installation comes at Rs.650, so if your retailer charges more, do not hesitate to bargain him for this rate. Most of the retailers, manufacturers offer free installation or they include this amount along with air conditioner price
4. Outdoor unit angle cost - this angle is not more than Rs.500 in local market. If any retailer charges more than this amount, tell them you will buy this angle and do not agree for a big amount of Rs.750.
5. Delivery Charges - this is maximum Rs.100 and most of the dealers/retailers offer free delivery if its a big showroom
Last but not least, check for 0% finance option (documentation charges extra). I would suggest to opt for 0% finance rather than paying full cash. A simple calculation, assume your AC costs Rs.25000. If you go for finance, you pay (2500*10Months)+Rs.250(documentation) = Rs.25250 at the end of 10th month, Invest this 25000 in fixed deposit for 10months and to minimum you will get Rs.27000 (2000 extra) at the end of 10th month.
Small comparison between the big showrooms I know in Chennai
Rathna Fan House - I would say, they are the cheapest in chennai for any brand, any model, any capacity
Vasanth & Co, Viveks - Both are almost 5-10% higher than Rathna fan house, but Vivek has good customer service compared to Vasanth & Co
Shahs - They tell the same price as Rathna Fan house (few hunderds extra), but the trick here is they change whooping Rs.800-Rs.1000 for installation charges
e-Zone - I would say, they have the highest price, almost Rs.3000 extra for a Rs.25000 AC compared to Rathna fan house

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