Sunday, July 29, 2012

Free Video Recording - Screenr

Every human has some unique talent, some show it outside and few lack to show it. Some go ahead one step and teach others. Recently I came across a very useful website(Screenr), for online trainers, who can record whatever they do in their PC, while they can talk, which can be recorded in maximum 5 clicks :) sounds easy isnt it. Say you want to show your friends how to apply an effect in photoshop, only thing you need to do is switch on the video recording tool and start using your photoshop as well keep talking what you are doing, once you are done, click done and your video tutorial is ready.

Step 1: Go to Screenr website
Step 2: Click Record
Step 3: Fix the frame you want to record
Step 4: Click Start Record
Step 5: Finish whatever you want to record along with your audio
Step 6: Click Stop Record

Now you have the video ready and you can either share it in social network sites like facebook, g+, twitter, or even email the video to someone private.

You do not have to go through a complex registration process, if you have google/facebook/twitter/linkedin account, it can be used to login to the application. Screenr also provide webcast, which means live streaming is possible, wonderful isnt it. The free version of Screenr has the basic options for any movie creation and live streaming.

Screenr is also provides a commercial version for corporate who can customize recording, have private sharing, replace company's logo for branding purpose etc. Screenr is the top most tool in this segment accepted by CNet, Mashable, The New York Times etc...


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