Monday, July 23, 2012

Power of Group Buying

In this fast moving machine world, everyone is busy and doing everything to get they income high to cope up with the increasing prices of everything starting from a pin to a house. Market is so vast and challenging nowadays so every product has to give some offer or the other to increase their sales. By default the first thing a manufacturer thinks is to sell more, so there is always a profit if booked in bulk, this power of group buying is something similar to that. 

Groups are formed within our relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues etc and try to approach a seller for bulk order and share the discount the seller provides between the group equally, this way each one of us is satisfied with the same product with a discount, sounds simple right. Now how many of us implement this in real life, and in what places these are applicable? how often this can be implemented is another question. For any human, grocery is the first expense in monthly list, so why not we try this first within our friends or colleagues or relative initially ?

Let us take few examples and analyze this group buying concept to actually understand the real power of group buying

Product 1: Complan(Chocolate)1Kg Pack - Rs.407.00, it already comes as two 500gm pack, so the cost of 500gm is Rs.203.50, where as if you buy only 500gm then the cost is Rs.216.00, almost Rs.13 more, think if you and your friend join together while purchasing this, you are saving Rs.13 in just one product.

Product 2: Britannia Oats1Kg pack is Rs.140.00, which brings 400gm to Rs.56.00 and 200gm to Rs.28.00, whereas if you buy them as separate pack of 400gm and 200gm it would cost Rs.58.00 and Rs.32.00 respectively, so again a profit of Rs.2 - Rs.4
Ashirwad Whole Wheat Atta 10kg
Product 3: Ashrivad Atta, 10Kg pack is Rs.289.00 (1kg is Rs.28.9) and 1Kg pack is Rs.35, so if you and your friend are sharing this product, then you end up saving Rs.6 per kg

This is just an example list of items I could think of, you can actually join hands and saving money instead of giving it to the shop keeper or manufacturers extra. In case of  supermarkets bulk offers are very popular like buy 2 get 1 free, think if we just need only 1, we can share with our friend who is willing to buy the same product and enjoy the saving. 

In US, each area has a Group Buying club, where they join hands with members and purchase in bulk from wholesaler and pick up the product from this club, enjoying the profit equally among members, sounds great right. Lets start saving wisely :)


  1. I want to know any other business opportunity with low investment and monthly income..even if its joined by a few,no problem


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