Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fire Your Boss - The story behind

The world is now seeing internet revolution, wherever you go, whether it is to launch a song like kolaveri and win the worlds heart or launch a product or sell or buy or do what not using internet. The negative side of internet revolution is people getting cheated by false promotion and magical words. One such case is "Work Online From Home" to get rich. 30% of websites showcase someone whom you do not know showing a cheque with some whoooping amount attracting you, so what is all behind this ?

To my knowledge the most searched phrases in google are
1. How to make quick money
2. Earn money working from home
3. Free money to give away
4. Here is your share of profit
5. Spend 10 minutes daily and you can earn more than $50 everyday
and so on…

But, there is nothing called Free Money in this world. No one will give their money for free, unless you work and bring profit to them. So, don’t get fooled by some one, who sucks your time and effort and pay you peanuts.

I am not discouraging any one that you cannot work or earn money sitting at home. But there is nothing like “Earn $50 every 1 hour or earn $500 per day”, unless you are ready to put so much effort to get paid that handsome sum in your pocket daily.

There are two types of work from home. One is, you are associated with some company or won some online project and work on it. In this matter, you can earn the amount fixed by you and the company / project, as per agreement. Obviously, you know how much time and effort that particular job requires and you need to plan accordingly.

Apart from that, many people looks for wirting articles and earn money online, by attracting views to their articles. Again, it is not going to be so easy as you dream.

1. You need to be creative and capable of developing a single line story into a 3 hours cinema (just an example). Your content should be original
2. You need patience in editing and fixing photos / video to make your content more attractive.
3. You need to spend hours together to write more number of articles. The more the number of articles, the more the page views you receive and more the income you earn.
4. You need to spread the news after you finished publishing your work. For this, you need to log in to your social network sites (literally) and spread the news. Let us say, you are member of 10 social network sites like Facebook, Orkut, twitter, reddit and so on… Then let us say, if you are going to take 2 minutes approximately to log in and post your news in each site, then you need at least 20 minutes completely to spread the news of your new article to your friends circle.

After spreading the news, you cannot stand still waiting for page views to accumulate in your site, unless if your article is so catch and unique to attract people automatically. Otherwise, to make people visit your site, you need to visit them before. We write comments to other users and in turn, they visit ours and leave comments. So, let us say you need 10 comments and so you go and write 10 comments to your friends articles, then it is again going to consume your time. For example, if you take 5 minutes to read and comment an article, then approximately you need 1 hour to complete the entire task.

So, it is like 1 day to think about an article, 1 hour to write about it, 20 minutes to spread the news and again 1 hour to run through friends. So, you need to calculate how much it is worth. So friends, never get fooled by those Magical words “Earn thousands and fire your boss right now”. Because, with your boss, you are assured you will get paid at the month end, where as in working with online, you never know the ups and downs of earnings, unless you reached a level like 3000 or 4000 articles written already and they altogether has the capacity to draw at least $1 per day.

Otherwise, writing is fun and you can enjoy it, without a serious thinking of earning, which will surely raise by time.


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