Sunday, March 7, 2010

Start Beauty Parlor or Salon

A beauty salon or beauty parlor deals with cosmetic treatments for men and women. Nowdays beauty salon also contains hair salons and spas. Beauty salons provides more generalized services related to skin health, facial aesthetic, foot care, aromatherapy, — even meditation, oxygen therapy, mud baths, and innumerable other services, but hair salon provides only hair treatment.

Facials, Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, Waxing, Threading

Hairdresser washing a woman's hair
A hair salon is a place where one goes to get the hair cut, as well as styled, highlighted or coloured. Salons are in various business forms from sole traders, branches of salons or large franchise owned salon chains. Some larger chains offer their own brand of salon products.

The term spa salon refers to a salon where spa treatments are done. Spa treatments are also offered in some beauty salons. Treatments may include holistic theraphy or Reiki.

Cholayil SanjeevanamRs. 5,00,000 - Rs. 10,00,000Health and Fitness
CLARA INTERNATIONALRs. 5,00,000 - Rs. 10,00,000Health and Fitness
Clipso Beauty Aesthetic SchoolRs. 10,00,000 - Rs. 25,00,000Education
Lakme IndiaRs. 10,00,000 - Rs. 25,00,000Beauty and Hair Salons
NET PLANET INFOTECH SOLUTIONSRs. 5,00,000 - Rs. 10,00,000Business Services
Shahnaz AyurvedaRs. 5,00,000 - Rs. 10,00,000Beauty and Hair Salons
Sharkey's Cuts for KidsRs. 25,00,000 to Rs. 50,00,000Retail


  1. what you know about oxygen facial, i think oxygen facial is very costly.
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