Sunday, March 21, 2010

Start Juice Shop

If you are looking for an idea on what business you can start easily, a juice bar is one idea you can seriously consider. With more and more people becoming health conscious, a juice business is timely. Today, the popular obsession with dropping pounds and losing inches certainly feeds into the health food trends that fuel juice bar popularity. But the health food industry has also benefited from another recent concept, that of organics.

Every herb has its faithfuls who claim for it almost magical qualities. Mint has its after-dinner fame as a breath freshener and a digestive aid; ginseng is one of the latest in a long line of alleged energy boosters and anti-aging supplements; garlic is supposed to aid the immune system; ginger has been said to possess aphrodisiac properties.

Each fruit and vegetable, too, has accrued its own collection of anecdotes and testimonials. What child hasn’t been told that carrots will help him see in the dark, or that an apple a day will keep the doctor away? Who hasn’t heard that Popeye is strong to the finish because he eats his spinach?

In modern times, speed and efficiency are joint rulers of an ever more fast-paced world. For a person on the go, a tall cup of mixed juices spiked with nutritive powders is the ideal meal. Like coffee and soda, it can be consumed in the car without taking one’s other hand off the steering wheel and endangering one's self and others.

But unlike those beverages, juice is part of a balanced breakfast. It could be said, tongue in cheek, to balance even better than breakfast, since unlike a plate of toast and scrambled eggs it can be sealed up with a lid and straw and enjoyed safe from spills. And with all the supplements available at your local juice bar, that tall cup of fruit and vegetable squeezings can be a balanced breakfast.

For entrepreneurs who put health above anything else, starting a juice bar is probably one of the fastest and the most lucrative businesses out there. It can be added to an existing business or simply started independently.

Juice Business Structure
You can start a juice business entirely on your own. It would help if you have an experience about juice preparation from working in a juice bar, but this is not necessary. You can also buy an existing business, or get a franchise. Franchising will cost a little bit more, though. If you have an existing food business, you can incorporate a juice business into it.

Juice Bar Menu
You don’t have to be a nutritionist or obtain a degree related to health to know that fruits and vegetables are good for the body. You can sell a variety of juices from apples, carrots, oranges, bananas, celery, melons and other fruits and vegetables. You can purchase juice wholesale from fruits and vegetable juice manufacturers or distributor or you can do the juicing onsite. You can even do both at the same time. Get juices wholesale. You can add vitamins and health supplements, for example, those that are known for their immunity boosting or antioxidizing effects. You can sell juices in several cup sizes starting at a price of Rs.10.

Juice Bar Location
You can open at any place that is frequented by people such as tourist attractions, a kiosk in a mall, office building, airport, hotels, schools, beach areas, public markets, health clubs, and fitness clubs. Vending from a cart is another option you can take.

Juice Bar Startup Cost and Profit
Your startup cost will depend on how much you are spending for equipment (juicers and coolers), rent, advertising and getting the necessary license and permit. Your profit will depend on your total sales minus the cost of your ingredients and overhead. It could be several times your capital after awhile when you’ve mastered the operation. Adding other items such as sandwiches in your menu can help boost profit.


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