Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Herbal Products Manufacturing

Now we are with a whole new set of business, more related towards herbal and natural products. Budget of this business has a wide variety. If anyone has done their course on ayurvedic or siddha medicine can draft a good business plan, which will aid them getting a bank loan and start their business.

Any business you do requires well marketing and hard work getting clients or customers. A mix of hard work and good marketing will surely reap good results. I have listed the various kinds of business related to herbal products, their project cost.
Profile Name Salient Application Project Cost Fixed Capital Working Capital Margin Break Even Point Estimated Rate of Return
PERIWINKLE It contains alkaloid Alstonine which has ability to reduce blood pressure. Rs.10.9 lakhs Rs.8.1 lakhs 1.28 lakhs 71% 4.36 lakhs
PLANTATION AND EXTRACTION OF AMLA Amla is a very rich source of Vitamin C and has very high medicinal value. Rs.39.42 lakhs Rs.29.72 lakhs 3.12 lakhs 65% 9.39 lakhs
PLANTATION AND EXTRACTION OF ASHWAGANDHA Used for treatment of rheumatism, gout, hypertension Project . Rs.69.42 lakhs Rs.56.24 lakhs 0.25 lakhs 36% 62.91 lacs
PLANTATION AND EXTRACTION OF GUGGUL Anti-inflammatory agent. Rs.28.85 lakhs Rs.44.65 lakhs Rs.16.69 lakhs 48% 45.18 lacs
SAFED MUSALI Herbal drug formulations. 22.8 lakhs 38.2 lakhs 10.72 lakhs 45% 42.21 lacs
SENNA Senna is used as a purgative drug. 58.73 lakhs 40.49 lakhs 4.91 lakhs 50% 23.72 lacs
VALLARAI TONIC Memory tonic. 34.87 lakhs 25.14 lakhs 5.81 lakhs 62% 10.88 lacs
FAIRNESS CREAM Cosmetics Proposed capacity200 kgm per day, Rs.65.87 lakhs Rs.25.28 lakhs Rs.42.21 lakhs 48% 49.62 lacs
HERBAL COSMETICS Herbal cosmetic products are used for beauty care, hair care, body care. 64.87 lakhs 25.65 lakhs 33.49 lakhs 34% 111.85 ac
HERBAL EXTRACTS Herbal Extracts has its application in Cosmetics, Food and Pharmaceutical industry. 66.42 lakhs 48.66 lakhs 8.47 lakhs 51% 32.85 lacs
HERBAL HAIR OIL Hair oils are combination of oils and suitable perfumes. 18.73 lakhs 12.86 lakhs 2.25 lakhs 66% 6.35 lakhs
HERBAL SHAMPOO It is used to Cleanse hair and scalp. 80.41 lakhs 56.34 lakhs 12.78 lakhs 42% 55.21 lakh
HERBAL SHIKKAI It is used to Cleanse hair and scalp. 28.18 lakhs 13.81 lakhs 5.51 lakhs 51% 15.27 lacs
HERBAL SOAPS Cosmetics 39.28 lakhs, 35.77 lakhs 2.18 lakhs 65% 8.76 lakhs
JOJOBA OIL Jojoba Oil has versatile industrial uses. 47.42 lakhs 32.64 lakhs 3.87 lakhs 44% 27.92 lacs
NANNARI Health drink. 30.07 lakhs 30.88 lakhs 2.60 lakhs 62% 8.63 lakhs
NATURAL VANILLA Flavour 19.35 lakhs 66.65 lakhs 7.90 lakhs 44%32.72 lakh

All the best for your new venture.


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