Thursday, May 5, 2011

Buy Air Conditioner - Chennai

Summer has started and everyone in Chennai are sweating, sweating, sweating in litres :), I myself is not an exception. All over chennai there are offers like "AC Summer Sale", "Beat the heat", "AC Mela" blah blah. I wanted to buy a 1.5 ton AC and started exploring the whole chennai market, where I could get a good deal.
In this market, the retailers have various schemes to attract public. Its our job, to be careful in buying an air conditioner. Am not techy guy to explain the features of air-conditioner. Doesnt matter what model, what capacity you buy, go for the best deal. Things you should notice when it comes to price tag are
1. Air conditioner price
2. Stablizer price - Premier B2B costs Rs.2500
3. Installation Charges - this is not more than Rs.650. All dealers are cheating customers charging about Rs.750-Rs.1000. LG certified installation comes at Rs.650, so if your retailer charges more, do not hesitate to bargain him for this rate. Most of the retailers, manufacturers offer free installation or they include this amount along with air conditioner price
4. Outdoor unit angle cost - this angle is not more than Rs.500 in local market. If any retailer charges more than this amount, tell them you will buy this angle and do not agree for a big amount of Rs.750.
5. Delivery Charges - this is maximum Rs.100 and most of the dealers/retailers offer free delivery if its a big showroom
Last but not least, check for 0% finance option (documentation charges extra). I would suggest to opt for 0% finance rather than paying full cash. A simple calculation, assume your AC costs Rs.25000. If you go for finance, you pay (2500*10Months)+Rs.250(documentation) = Rs.25250 at the end of 10th month, Invest this 25000 in fixed deposit for 10months and to minimum you will get Rs.27000 (2000 extra) at the end of 10th month.
Small comparison between the big showrooms I know in Chennai
Rathna Fan House - I would say, they are the cheapest in chennai for any brand, any model, any capacity
Vasanth & Co, Viveks - Both are almost 5-10% higher than Rathna fan house, but Vivek has good customer service compared to Vasanth & Co
Shahs - They tell the same price as Rathna Fan house (few hunderds extra), but the trick here is they change whooping Rs.800-Rs.1000 for installation charges
e-Zone - I would say, they have the highest price, almost Rs.3000 extra for a Rs.25000 AC compared to Rathna fan house


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  2. which state are you referring to?? which bank are you referring to?? min duration for fixed deposit is 7 days in many banks... paying emi every month is easy than paying everything at sametime so its worth going for 0% interest free emi...

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  4. good Article. what about Solar A/C.



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