Friday, February 5, 2010

Pay Bill Online - Where to begin from

World is reaching a point where you sit in front of your computer to do 90% of your work. This has changed life drastically which has both advantages and disadvantages. One major relief for us is online bill payment and ECS. This online bill payment relieved us from standing in big queues to pay our bills.

As we know, private organization adopt to modernization very soon, so this online bill payment comes as one feature for private organization. You cannot see a private organization which does not have online payment option. Real surprise is TamilNadu government transformed most of its division to have online payment feature.

What is online payment: This is an option where you can login to your banking website, check for bill payment and pay your bills directly from bank account. This is real fast and one big advantage is your payment is recorded and noone can question you for arrears.

Governemnt Department and website for various services are listed below. There are about 150 services which TamilNadu goverment offers through online to avoid queue and easy maintainability, so make use of them to the fullest extent

Avoid Queues, Save Time :)


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